Allow me to introduce myself

I'm Mauri Powell. I've been a designer and faux artist for over 20 years in the Denver area.

Throughout my design career, I struggled to help clients find quality, affordable, original art. Since my passion has always been in art, I had a 'eureka" moment and established Mo Knows Art to support the design industry!

Let me explain...

You, the designer, provide me with your size requirements, paint color, fabric swatches, and style direction. In return, I will provide you with a stunning and unique piece that will be tailored perfectly to your project.

It's so easy!

Contact me and we will work together to design the perfect cohesive piece including style, size, framing, colors, and media for your specific room(s).  

Contact Us

Let's get started!

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Feel free to call me direct for samples and pricing

Mauri Powell 303-594-1397

Mo Knows Art